Auto Service

WiseOptions® offers subscribers “Auto Service” for those who would like to take advantage of their brokers “autotrade” service.

“Autotrade” is a service that select brokers will offer their clients, and is based on an agreement between each broker and client.  The benefits of using “autotrade” are:

  • You don’t need to constantly monitor the market
  • You don’t need to worry about potentially missing a suggestion
  • Your broker will automatically enter suggestions into your account for you

To utilize our “Auto Service”, you will need to complete and remit an “Auto Service Request Form”.  After you have completed this form, WiseOptions® will send a copy of the suggestion(s) to your broker, AFTER it has been sent to all subscribers. If WiseOptions® is unable to send out a suggestion, for any reason, your broker will not receive a copy of the suggestion.

To start using Auto Service, please complete and remit the Auto “Service Request Form”.  Click the file below to download the form.

Auto Service Request Form

Auto Service Request Form

For more information, contact your broker directly to see if “autotrade” is an option for you, or if they will initiate an “autotrade” service with WiseOptions on your behalf.



Note: WiseOptions®, or any of its employees, associates or affiliates of any kind, DOES NOT receive ANY COMPENSATION or benefit of any kind from any broker, company or issuer, for “autotrade” and/or sending suggestions.

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