OptionsMAXimizer™ (OM) is designed for traders who are looking to make rewarding and profitable trades – with little risk – on options that deal with stocks, ETF’s (exchange traded funds) and indices.

The MAXimizer system will allow you to maximize your rewards, all while protecting your investment capital and minimizing your risk. OM strategies include covered calls (either via a longer term option or the shares), buying options, credit or debit spreads, and/or naked puts to reduce the cost of shares or ETFs. An open suggestion lasts, on average, 60-120 days, but may vary with market conditions.


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An OptionsMAXimizer™ membership is only $49 per month!


OptionsMAXimizer™ membership includes:

  • On average, 2 or more suggestions per month involving options on stocks, ETF’s and indices.
  • Clear, concise “limit price” suggestions sent via email, as well as posted on our website.
  • Written explanations for suggestions posted on our website outlining the logic and rationale behind each option trade.
  • Complete control and flexibility to execute as many or as few suggestions as you would like.
  • The option of using “Auto Service” (for more details, see the Auto Service page under “Services”).
  • The monitoring of the underlying market and each suggestion, just for you.
  • Alert notices emailed directly to you regarding key market developments and adjustments to current option positions.
  • Access to the secured Members Only section to review all current open suggestions and trade results.


OptionsMAXimizer™ trading suggestions are clear, concise, easy to understand and use.  Below is an example of how our suggestions are presented:

OptionsMAXimizer™ Suggestion

Date:  June 13, 2017

Strategy: Credit Put Spread on XYZ

STO XYZ Sept 17, 50 Put XYZ170915P50

BTO XYZ Sept 17, 45 Put XYZ170915P45

Net Credit $0.75 or better, GTC

WiseOptions® Commitment:

  • Targets a 20% or better return every year (1.67% per month) with an 80% probability of success.
  • Measures results in CASH!  What’s coming in, what’s going out, and what remains AFTER brokerage commissions, which are the inherent expenses to execute a suggestion.
  • Reports suggestions that were filled based on confirmed filled prices. We do not report “gains” at the highest possible price, or the possible “average” fill price. If we are unable to receive an actual fill confirmation, we report the worst case scenario of that day; i.e. the low if sold and the high if bought.
  • Shows every option trade result – not just a selection.


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Erik Epp’s flagship options trading service. OM is designed for options traders who like to take carefully calculated low probability risks that deal in the US equity options markets.

Your subscription will renew automatically every month at the agreed rate until cancelled.

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