Track Records


WiseOptions® track record reporting is unique. Our reported returns differ from how other advisory services report their returns based on 4 fundamental premises:

  1. We only report results for suggestions that were actually filled – not hypothetically.  After all, getting filled is what counts and you can’t get worse fills because our suggestions are based on ‘limit price’ and when filled are confirmed by ‘autotrade’ brokers.  Many other advisory services will base their results on hypothetical or unrealistic prices, such as best possible price.
  2. We report results based on the suggested ‘limit price’. We realize that some of our suggestions may get filled at a better price than suggested, which will result in a better return for some, but we choose to report results based on the ‘limit price’ which reflects the “worst case scenario”.  It also ensures that those who are not on Auto Service can also realistically get filled.
  3. We include the “cost of doing business” which happens to be brokerage costs associated with trading.  Brokerage costs, such as commissions, can make a big difference to the dollar amount and percentage return reflected in your brokerage account.
  4. We show EVERY result – not just a selection of results. We show the good – the bad – and the ugly.

To the best of our knowledge, WiseOptions® is the ONLY advisory service that reports results this way.  We do this because we believe in reporting results that are honest and more apt to reflect one’s own brokerage account results.


Our reporting method does, however, put us at a disadvantage when comparing our results to other services because …well frankly, it’s like comparing apples to oranges.

Take a look at “Us vs. Them” comparisons.

WiseOptions® reported results include the following costs and are based on the following assumptions:

  • Suggestions are reported based on the limit price or “worst case” scenario.  In other words, you might get a better price but we report based on the suggested limit price.
  • Commission costs are included.  [Commissions on options = $1.50 per contract, minimum $14.95 and commissions on stocks =  $9.99]
  • Assignment costs are included.  [Assignment cost per strike = $15]
  • Margin calculations for spreads are assumed on one side. [Based on spread width minus premium rec’d on one side (the larger side)]
  • Returns are not compounded.
  • $5,000 per suggestion is used for establishing each suggestion (an arbitrary figure strictly for simplicity and illustration purposes).
  • Percentage net gain is based on margin requirement or actual cost.
  • As of 2011 all results are reported only when suggestions have been closed and/or expired and/or assigned/exercised.

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More details for the IncomeMAXimizer will be posted shortly 

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