The WiseOptions® Way

Dear Options Trader,

“The difference between a smart person and a wise person is that a ‘smart’ person will be able to figure out how to get out of trouble that a ‘wise’ person will not get into”.

My name is Erik Epp, founder, senior strategist and editor for WiseOptions®. I founded WiseOptions® with the above saying in mind, something my father once told me.  My mission is to provide options traders with profitable options trading suggestions that are easy to understand and execute. This in turn led me to establishing WiseOptions® trademark slogan “We make trading options simple™”.

My methodology is based on a mathematical formula that I developed, tested and honed over many years. My ‘MAXimizer’ system is able to evaluate both the range of the market and the direction of the market with an uncanny 80% accuracy.  Used in combination with select technical indicators and fundamental analysis, my system takes advantage of market movement and volatility, regardless of its direction, in an attempt to generate solid and consistent returns while still protecting one’s investment capital.

I will not attempt to “dazzle” readers with confusing charts and graphs or entice readers with excessive verbiage and tantalizing mind numbing potential gains.  In other words, I won’t try to sell you on the “sizzle”.

What I will do is give you the “essential ingredients” to enable you to be successful in trading options.

You will find there are many advisory services that will try to sell you on the “sizzle”, quoting big potential gains while conveniently neglecting to tell you the odds are not in your favor.  I personally subscribe to and receive many stock market advisories as well as research other advisories to know what some of my “competitors” are offering and doing.

Having a strong background in finance and accounting I am able to analyze numbers quickly and can determine which advisories seem “real” and if their reported numbers reflect actual results.  The truth is I have found that most advisory materials don’t hold water.  As an options trader, I know you understand that winning with options is about making informed decisions, not based on sizzle alone.

Using the MAXimizer system, I built two advisory services for options traders: OptionsMAXimizer (OM) and IncomeMAXimizer (IM).  The OM service is based on the equities market and IM is based on the futures/commodities market. Both OM and IM incorporate various specialized techniques to make sure you’re never over-exposed to better protect your capital.  Both services allow you to maximize your gains and minimize your risk by investing a small percentage of your available investment funds at any one time.  And both are versatile.  If conditions are right, trades may carry from one month to the next, or rolled over for as long as it is possible or advantageous.

Each service is adaptable in its own way to take advantage of rising or falling markets.  Even a sideways market can be exploited making each service an excellent means to diversify an overall portfolio.

Of course, no system is perfect and I’m not promising a perfect record of picks, or overnight riches.  That is NOT what WiseOptions® is about.  It is about probabilities (odds), not certainties, and my system will put these probabilities in YOUR favour.

WiseOptions® offers you the opportunity to trade options with more potential for greater profit and less risk. You can take advantage of everything OptionsMAXimizer and IncomeMAXimizer have to offer right now.  Walk through the website and see for yourself why WiseOptions® is the right choice.

I can be reached at if you have any questions.  I look forward to welcoming you as a new subscriber to WiseOptions®.


Erik Epp, WiseOptions®

“You Never Fail Until You Stop Trying”

― Albert Einstein

“Any fool can know. The point is to understand.”

-Albert Einstein

“Great spirits have always encountered violent opposition from mediocre minds.”

-Albert Einstein

“Everything must be made as simple as possible. But not simpler.”

-Albert Einstein